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The beauty of WP EasyCart is that each product description is easily customizable using what is titled the 'administrative console'. Not only does this component allow you to update and manage the whole website, it also provides a simple, easy to use means of providing unique pictures, descriptions, and specifications for each individual product!

Your options with the administrative console are nearly endless. Do you want to bolster sales by showing similar items on product pages? No problem! The administrative console allows you to quickly set prices and sale prices, attach the product to multiple menu locations, add options (i.e. color and size) for each product, and optimize search engine key words and descriptions.

Want customer feedback, also not a problem with WP EasyCart! We offer a five star feedback system that allows for customer reviews.

If the ease of use for this software isn't a large enough selling point, consider the download capabilities. This software package is capable of accommodating downloadable merchandise, including gift cards. This capability expands the potential services of this software by allowing for software downloads, music downloads, and photography businesses. This software is flexible and customizable. It fits into every business style, and businessperson's lifestyle.

WP EasyCart is a company that prides itself on customer service and constant improvement. As part of this demo, we request that you provide feedback in our forum. As a company we are always looking for the next step and to provide the best options. Your feedback is essential for this process.
The reason is very simple. While most plugin developers zip their plugin folder with any extra txt files required, but some other developers are putting the plugin folder within another folder. This second practice causes a problem as the plugin should consist of a folder with files and other folders inside, creating a second incorrectly named layer causes wordpress to look for the wrong files and thus assume that the header is missing or invalid.
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