About Us

Amrapali was a superb performer in Vaishali Kingdom, 2600 years ago. Ajathashatru, the king of Magadh fell in love with her and so did she, but not knowing that he was the king of the rival dynasty. Ajathashatru fought a fierce war for obtaining her; resulting into total destruction of men, families and material. Amrapali herself felt devastated that so much was destroyed for the sake of getting a woman.

Amrapali, the official Nagar vadhu (royal courtesan) was chased by many men of different stature but she was her own, spiritually devoted to Gautam Buddha and asking for a Sanyas. Gautam Buddha was reluctant to give her a sanyas as he was uncomfortable with the fact that she was the most wanted woman and the world was at her feet. Many monks had doubts that the young monks could fall for carnal pleasures because of Amrapali. Her commitment to sanyas was strengthened after the war.

On one of his routine visits to Vaishali, Buddha with his retinue stayed in the Mango grove belonging to Amrapali. Amrapali became a bhikkuni and gifted the Mango grove to the sangha.

Like many other ancient historical characters, the stories of Amrapali are narrated with different versions, but in every version, the spirit remains essentially the same; the spirit of peace and performance. There is actually an Ambapalika Sutta in Pali language texts.
Amrapali is the most wonderful symbol of Indian culture, ethics and values – even better than Gargi, Maitreyi and Draupadi. There is thought. There is philosophy. There is positive independent intervention.

We want Amrapali Art Center to be like that legendry Amrapali.
In Sanskrit, Amra means Mango and Pali (pallavi) means the leaves. Mango is at the core of Indian culture like Peacocks, Sun, Himalayas, Mahabharat, Ramayan and Yoga. Remember, the Kuyari design you see every where even today.

In the east of India, they don’t cut a Badham tree. We feel the Banyan tree represents wisdom. Traditionally, we also don’t cut a Mango tree; it grows and grows, with new leaves every season.

Amrapali Art Center will enhance our rich culture in art, not forgetting the values and philosophy; while growing with fresh ideas, concepts and activities, season after season.

  • To Promote Art, in particular visual and performing art which includes Paintings, Sculpture, Murals, Video Installations or any similar or newer medium which may arise in time. It also includes Traditional Craft, Textile Design – Printing – Making – Embroidery, etc. Performing art includes Music, Dance, Theatre, Films, etc.
  • To promote literature in various forms so that all the activities the field of art become more meaningful and rich in content.
  • To form partnerships with other organizations / Government(s) or individuals to further the cause of the Amrapali Art Centre.
  • To Empower, Employ, Financially Support, Provide Infrastructure to organisations or individuals engaged in creation or the Promotion of Art.
  • To promote art and related activities through various media including Television, Print, Web, Social media and so on.
  • To create a platform for Artists, Art Lovers, Art Enthusiasts, Investors, Art Critics and Writers to work and exchange ideas of Mutual Growth and Benefit.
  • To make / acquire / buy / take on lease purchase / purchase art related merchandise. To Sell Art and Art Related Merchandise.
  • To Run and Manage an e-commerce website or any other future e-form to help Artists / Writers / Critics to enable them to Reach a Wider Audience and also Sell their Works.
  • To lease/ purchase/ rent out real estate / machinery or equipment required for the Enhancement of the core purpose of Art Centre.
  • To Run and Manage supporting and auxiliary services such as Canteen, Lodging and Boarding Centres, Studios, Foundries, Event Management Services etc. for Artists, Writers and other Stake Holders.
  • To run Art Galleries to Exhibit, Promote and Market Art anywhere within India or outside India.
  • To run Publishing, E-content development centres that are required for advancing the Art Centre.
  • To hold Workshops, Training Programmes, Seminars, Artists / Writers exchange programmes, Artists / Writers in Residence Schemes in the field of Art and Literature.
  • To undertake / sponsor research and documentation in the field of Visual Art, Performing Art and Literature.
  • To impart Education & Training; to sponsor awards, fellowships, scholarships in the Core Areas of the centre.
  • To promote the own brand of Amrapali Art Centre. To establish additional brands for various services, if required, for Better Advancement of the specific activities.